Jersey Brings Two Big Production Houses Together!

Tue Jul 16 2019 13:59:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

You might be thinking Jersey already releasing in April and how can it bring two big production houses together? Some of you might have got the clue that it is going to be remade in another language. Well, Yes!

Nani's Jersey managed to impress critics and even get audience approval to such level that it did not fail at the box office.

The movie is now going to Hindi and it could have Kabir Singh hero, Shahid Kapoor as the lead and that issue isn't solved yet.

But from quite sometime, Geetha Arts and Dil Raju have been trying to figure out a way to produce the remake in Hindi as one had remake rights and other connections.

Sithara Entertainments, the original production house of the film too got into the deal and the three of them producing the Hindi remake which will be distributed by a big distributor.

Original writer and director, Gautham Tinnanuri will direct the film while the Hindi version script, is being worked on. Soon, the cast and crew details will be released too.