Joe Biden issues proclamation restricting travel from India, with some exemptions!

Sat May 01 2021 12:24:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a precautionary measure, the United States President Joe Biden took a crucial call on travel restrictions on travel from the Covid-hit India, given the massive surge in infections and deaths triggered by the pandemic.

Going by the proclamation issued by the Joe Biden administration, Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced a travel ban from India. However, the US gave some exemptions to the travel ban.

The travel ban will begin from the 4th of May, however, a few categories like students, academics, journalists, and individuals were barred from the travel ban.

It has to be noted that the United States gave similar exemptions to the travel ban from other countries like Brazil, China, Iran, and or South Africa. The travel ban was imposed to keep the US safe from the Covid-19 spread.

Travelers like students, who want to study in the United States, Journalists, and others that provide support to the countries affected by the Covid-19 won't fall under the travel ban. They can travel without any problems, the US said.

In addition to this, the visas issued by the United States given the Covid-19 continue to be in limited numbers. The visa applications will also be accepted by the embassies in small numbers.

Students with academic purposes need not worry at all, as the students having F-1 and M-1 visas can join their academics that will start from the 1st of August. They can reach the US one month before their academic year starting from August 1, 2021.

Students, who want to get the new F-1 or M-1 visas were asked to visit the nearby embassy or consulate to check their visa status.