Kajal Calls To Support These Men!

Mon Apr 06 2020 18:49:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Corona outbreak has landed India in the lockdown for 21 days. These may seem very less time for few but for daily wage earners and Business men of India it is showing the impact. The small time business men are the most affected by this pandemic. They do not make money these 21 days but their expenses are the same.

Understanding the situation of these Indian small time Business Men, Actress Kajal urged all her fans to be support to these local business men and their businesses after the lockdown. If at all if you want to buy shoes are accessories, please try to buy from our local brands available across India. In this way you may be helping him and his workers to get a meal for their families.

The call by Kajal Aggarwal on the social media is earning her heaps and bounds of praises and her care towards others are worth appreciable. After all she is an Aggarwal girl he know the pains and pleasures of Business. Isn't it!