Kalyan Ram Follows Jr NTR's Lead Once Again

Sun May 21 2023 14:59:05 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The strong brotherly bond between Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram is evident once again as Kalyan Ram mirrors his brother's decisions. When Jr NTR decided not to attend the 'NTR Centenary Celebrations,' Kalyan Ram followed suit without hesitation.

Speculations arose when Jr NTR's absence became the topic of discussion at the event. However, it is worth noting that Kalyan Ram was also absent.
A few weeks ago, both brothers united for the 10th-day ceremony of Tarkaratna, but were overlooked by Balakrishna, which raised eyebrows.

Regarding the 'NTR Centenary' event, sources revealed that although Jr NTR received an invitation through Nandamuri Ramakrishna and event organizer Janardan, he made the choice not to attend. Reports suggest that Balakrishna did not personally reach out to Jr NTR like he did with other heroes, raising questions about the true intentions behind the event.

Whether Jr NTR would have attended had Balakrishna extended a personal invitation is uncertain. However, sources imply that Balakrishna and his associates prioritised their own satisfaction and orchestrated Jr NTR's absence while maintaining a positive public image.

Regardless of the reasons, the absence of both Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram is notable. It highlights the unwavering bond between Kalyan Ram and his brother, Jr NTR, within the Nandamuri family.