Kalyanram Says He Already Received The Best Compliment

Wed Jun 13 2018 18:06:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

For many of us, our closed ones matter the most. We want to work for them and do anything just for them.

We dont care for world, when the matter happens to be about them and also, get all the strength when they compliment us.

Kalyanram is scared about his next release, Naa Nuvve. He want the film to work big time but as he changed his looks and tried a complete romantic film, he wants people to accept him.

But before people could say him anything, he got his best compliment and that is from his son.

He said, "My son never complimented my looks but he came to me and said that, I am looking good after seeing Naa Nuvve stills. He asked me to continue to look like that in every film. That is the best compliment for me."

The actor also shared that doing romantic roles is mentally hard and he had to give a lot to the character to make it believable.

He said that he is playing a guy who want to crack a job in US and has lots of ego. But there is another side to him and the actor asked us to find out about it in the film, releasing on 14th June.