Can Negative * Negative Become Positive For This Mega Hero?

Tue Nov 20 2018 16:09:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

We always here that Opposites attract and in maths, Negative (-ve) multiplied by Negative (-ve) yields Positive (+ve) result.

But in films, people believe in Telugu famous saying, "Even one unlucky person can bring down a lucky one!" So, we don't see many failed actors no matter how talented they are getting chances.

If you're from a big family, equations to change but not forever. We did see many famous actors from famous families also deciding to stop their trails after a point.

Sai Sharam Tej got three back to back successes at the box office and then 6 disasters came his way. That is enough for an actor to lose confidence, which did happen in the case of Uday Kiran.

But Sai Dharam is back with another film, which will be produced by Mythri Movie Makers and directed by Tirumala Kishore. Even lead actresses, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Nivetha Pethuraj are not successful.

Except for Devi Sri Prasad none of the core team are high on successes in recent times. We have to wait and see, how successful their film, Chitralahari turns out to be?!