Kangana Calls For Boycott Bollywood

Fri Oct 16 2020 13:28:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

The death of Bollywood young talent Sushant Singh has become a never ending topic in Bollywood. It has given good source to national media that only is just digging The grave for the notorious acts of Bollywood.

In a surprise development recently, all the major production houses have lodged a court case on two major news channels alleging that they are passing derogatory comments on Bollywood.

Actress Kangana Ranaut who is blasting the nepotism in Bollywood like hell fire has made harsh comments on Bollywood saying that it's the copy industry where the name itself is taken from Hollywood and said to boycott Bollywood. One wonders why she is targeting her own Industry that fed her and made her a star!

Earlier she said that all we outsiders seek is not films but acknowledgment for our work. She recalled that Sushant was feeling like a leftover and he succumbed to the bullying of Bollywood mafia that said he can't do anything bigger.

It remains to be seen how the news channels report the latest developments in Bollywood!