Kangana called Naga Chaitanya "brat", what is Samantha's reaction?

Tue Oct 19 2021 20:50:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not so long ago, Kangana Ranaut sparked a huge controversy by calling Naga Chaitanya a brat when he and Samantha announced separation after 4 years of marriage. Kangana didn't mention Chaitanya's name but she seemed to be clearly implying about the Akkineni hero with her social media post. Now, just weeks after Kangana's controversial tweet about Naga Chaitanya, Samantha has come up with an interesting reaction to one of Kangana's social media posts.

"Dhaakad is the kind of film that's best relished on the big screens. It's a deeply stirring subject and we have made it on a scale that only theatres could do justice to. The layered story at the heart of it needs to reach out to the masses and I am certain, the film will speak to women across the board. I can't wait for the audience to meet Agent Agni on April 8.” Kangana wrote about her upcoming film. To which, Samantha replied with 'fire' emojis. Sam's reaction to Kangana's post is catching everyone's attention now.

Well, Kangana made a highly controversial remark about Chaitanya very recently. But Samantha is least bothered about this remark and she has reacted to Kangana's post in a cryptic manner now. That said, Samantha is no longer a partner of Naga Chaitanya and she can act as she wishes. We can't expect her to defend Chaitanya with much vigor now.

Coming to Kangana's post about Chaitanya, she wrote on social media "Whenever divorce happens, fault is always of the man…. may sound orthodox or too judgemental but this is how God has made man and woman their nature and dynamics… Primitively, scientifically, he is a hunter and she is a nurturer. Stop being kind to these brats who change women like clothes and then claim to be their best friends. Shame on these brats who get encouragement from the media and fans. They hail them and judge the woman… Divorce culture is growing like never before."

Samantha's reaction to Kangana's post has caught the attention of national media as well. It remains to be seen how Akkineni fans will react to this development now.