Kannada Actor Dies By Suicide

Wed Jul 08 2020 18:57:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kannada actor Susheel Gowda has ended his life. The news became viral on social media in which netizens felt sorry for the actor who is just 30 years of age and has a huge life ahead.

Susheel Gowda is a famous Tv actor who acted as the lead in the serial titled 'Antah Pura' directed by Aravid Kaushik. The Director expressed his deep shock over the actor's demise.

Susheel has also starred in Duniya Vijay's upcoming film 'Salaga'. In this film he has played the role of a cop and was hugely appreciated by the lead actor of the film Vijay who said Susheel was a hero material in the coming future. Duniya Vijay expressed his sorrow for the actor's death and said that suicide is not the answer to all the problems in life.

The Kannada TV Industry is in tears with the demise of their well known actor.  This is why many people tell show business is a gamble! If we succeed it's good and good but if we fail, our life will be at risk!