Karan Johar's Comments On 'KGF-2' Raises A Huge Debate!

Sat Jun 18 2022 16:55:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Elite Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar is one of the very few producers who recognized the potential of South films and released their Hindi dubbed versions in the North. He released 'Baahubali' franchise and '2.0' in Hindi and made huge amounts of money. He always spoke highly of South cinema which is expanding its market at the national level lately. The pan-Indian films from South cinema like 'RRR', 'KGF - 2' and 'Pushpa' have shattered the records of many Hindi films and were lovely by the audience immensely.

With the sudden rise of Southern cinema, the reports of Bollywood cinema and South films locking horns with each other grew stronger. Also, a lot of big films from Hindi failed badly too leading to many claiming that Bollywood is losing its grip. Karan has always spoken highly of South films and claimed that there is no competition between North and South on multiple occasions.

But he recently made a few comments about the critics handling North movies differently from the South. Speaking to a Bollywood-based tabloid, Karan said, "I love KGF-2. Loved it with all my heart but I feel that if we (Bollywood) had made this film, we would've been lynched by critics. I feel were are not getting any kind of leeway from critics and everyone else like how they are supporting & celebrating South Cinema."

His statements are raising a lot of debate and netizens are having mixed responses on it. Some say the Karan is right to a certain extent as commercial movies made in Hindi films are always bashed badly. Makers like Rohit Shetty, Aneez Bazmee, Prabhudeva, Ali Abbas Zafar, and Farhad Samji are under constant criticism while they accept South films for as they are. There are a few others who claim that good content will be appreciated irrespective of the film industry. What side are you on?