Are Donga Producers, Not Confident About Film?

Thu Dec 19 2019 23:05:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every Tamil hero ever, always looks at the publicity of their films and tries to maximize the public interest. Few like Vijay, Ajith have given up on promotions these days, but from Vikram to Suriya to Karthi to Vishal, everyone of them asks for good publicity to their films.

Somehow, Donga producers seems to have given up on the film. Karthi scored a blockbuster in Telugu with Kaithi. Following a success sentiment, they decided to call the film Donga on Megastar Chiranjeevi film's name but they are not promoting the film at all.

Movie is coming on 20th December in between a heavy competition as Prathi Roju Pandage, Ruler, Dabangg 3 and Star Wars Episode XI are releasing on the same day.

Still, Karthi and Jyothika can surprise you with a good film on any given day. Even they have no confidence in the film, they should at least try to give the movie ample publicity for it to reach to the audiences.

There is no poster publicity or heavy social media publicity for the film. No one absolutely, no one from the team tried to promote the film other than Karthi attending two public events in Hyderabad.

Even he asked about the publicity but the producers couldn't give a proper answer, it seems. Anyways, we wish to see a good film from Karthi and be rest assured that we will let you know, if it is worth of your time during the weekend.