This Hero Knows How To Handle Negative Reviews

Sun Dec 08 2019 13:10:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Generally, Our Film Celebrities express their anguish on reviewers whenever their films face rejection at the Box Office. We have seen Celebs who end up making headlines due to their inability to deal with negative reviews. Very few Actors/Directors take the criticism in the right way and Karthikeya is one such celeb who doesn't mind accepting his mistakes.

The 'RX 100' Hero wasn't able to deliver a successful flick for a long period inspite of multiple attempts. Even teaming up with Nani for 'Gang Leader' hadn't fetched the desired result. He pinned all his hopes on '90 ML' but the flick hasn't met anyone's expectations. Neither general public nor critics have nice things to say about this Friday release.

Reacting on the negativity, Karthikeya admitted he can't receive scripts that are as good as 'RX 100' every time. He did admit that the screenplay of '90 ML' failed to hit the right chord with the movie buffs. The Young Hero promised to keep these shortcomings in mind when he does his next projects.