Karthikeya And Geetha Arts Film Has An Interesting Title!

Sat Dec 14 2019 17:40:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Geetha Arts 2 has become home for interesting concept oriented films and regular films with slightly different treatment.

Nani, Vijay Devarakonda found their biggest box office successes with the films produced by the production house. Akhil Akkineni is trying his luck for the fourth time, under this banner.

Now, Karthikeya who is struggling after a success like RX100, is acting in the production house's next film.  

Koushik is directing the film and it is titled with a off-beat funny line which is a regular idiom that Telugu households use everyday.

Movie is titled, Chavu Kaburu Challaga and the film will release late next year. Movie shoot will start in January, but the official discussions have been completed at Geetha Arts 2 office earlier today, that is, 14th December.

Team announced the title through the movie poster. It is too early to discuss about the story and other details of the film. Stay tuned for more updates.