Kaushal Army - Is It A Paid Army?

Thu Sep 20 2018 14:36:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kaushal Army surfaced ever since the entry of Kaushal into the Bigg Boss 2 House. The agenda of this so-called Fans Organisation is to support every move of the TV Artiste and target the housemates/host when they differ with him. In the recent past, 2K Run was planned in Vijayawada for different causes.

As per a viral video, Self-Proclaimed Fans of Kaushal were found triple riding and without wearing helmets in the recent 2K Run meant for creating awareness about traffic safety norms.

A Kaushal Fan admitted Rs 400 worth petrol was offered to him for taking part in the rally. He claims to be one of the 10-member Group which took part in 2K Run. If what he said it true by any chance, A Person named Prasad is behind the Paid Army.