Kaushal Army Scripting Devadas 'Flop'

Tue Sep 18 2018 15:58:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Fan Wars on Social Media has come down drastically after Star Heroes took certain measures to convey that they maintain good relations. While Mahesh, NTR & Charan have become like close buddies, Allu Arjun ended the rift with PK Fans standing beside Powerstar during the Sri Reddy's episode.

A new kind of Fan War is happening on Social Media at present. It's between the Kaushal Army & the Supporters of other contestants of Bigg Boss 2. The activities of Kaushal Army are unacceptable at times. They kept targeting the Housemates who differed with Kaushal on Social Media. Now, Kaushal Army is of the impression that Host Nani has been cornering Kaushal with the only intention to deny him Season 2 title. It has come to the extent of trolling Nani and issuing warnings that they could make his upcoming flick 'Devadas' become a flop. How silly does it appear? Fans can increase the openings of the movie but they could neither make a good film turn flop nor a bad film turn hit.

Kaushal kept enjoying huge support though he isn't perfect in many ways. The way he behaves and the kind of comments he makes has often irked the fellow contestants. He hardly rectified any of his attitude issues despite criticism from housemates and cautions from the host. Let's see if he could win the title remaining unchanged till the very end..!