When Rajamouli Influenced 'Kesari'

Fri Mar 22 2019 15:47:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akshay Kumar's 'Kesari' which got released yesterday has carried out much positive talk. On Thursday, allegedly a dry day has brought out some good collection numbers as per the reports. Nearly 100 years ago, the battle of 21 Sikhs was taken as the background of the story, and the realistic approach much appreciated. Well, let's talk about the 'Magadheera' part here.

In the climax of 'Kesari', enemy forces barge into the fort to occupy it. The last warrior Akshay Kumar will be battling them, severing and dies planting the sword into the head of Maulana.  This whole episode is seen in the favors of '100 Men Episode' from 'Magadheera', including the shots and fights.

And also, an enemy approaches Akshay, inquires his name and says that he will remember him till his death, which also find the similarity with Sree Hari character. Although there isn't any resemblance to the plot, the episodic similarity is uncanny. Well, this enough to say that one cannot deny Rajamouli's influence on India cinema.