Photo Story: Kiara Covers Herself With Just A Leaf!

Tue Feb 18 2020 19:39:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kiara Advani is not one to shy away from glamorous poses and photos. She made it clear with many photos and outfits.

Now, she decided to go one step ahead and covered herself only with a leaf, in her new photo. She just gave Disha Patani, who is known for such bood photoshoots a run for her money.

Daboo Ratnani, the famous photographer made sure that photo looks like a peace of art than obscene. Still, her fans and social media peeps are going crazy looking her choice to go almost all nude.

She released trailer of her next web-series on Netflix, Guilty which also looks very bold and scandalous, along with this one. A day for Kiara fans to always remember.

Well, the shammers on social media are already asking her about the values and Indian culture. But this picture looks more like a peace of seductive art than vulgarity and obscenely bold!