Kollywood Celebs Comes In Support Of Shankar!

Fri Apr 16 2021 18:17:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Director Shankar who recently announced his next film with Ranveer Singh has found himself in a bit of a controversy. The movie he is making with Ranveer is a remake of 'Anniyan' which was a blockbuster film he made in 2005. Vikram is the hero and Ascar Ravichandran is its producer. As soon as the news of remake came out, producer Ascar Ravichandran released a press note claiming that he has the rights over the film's story and Shankar will be facing legal actions if he goes ahead with the remake.

Shankar gave a strong reply by saying that it was his story and Ravichandran has no right to interfere with what he is going to do with his own film. This became a hot topic in the Kollywood industry and many filmmakers are coming to support the ace filmmaker. A lot of star directors who were once his assistants have tweeted in support of Shankar. Most of them are using #Isupportdirectorshankar hashtag which is quite trending on Twitter now.

Many claim that Ascar Ravichandran is making these accusations on Shankar as the previous film 'I' which was made in their combination brought a lot of issues between the both of them. Ravichandran was left in some financial troubles after this film and this is the reason behind his accusations on Shankar as per reports.