Kollywood Stars Have Come Forward But Still Tollywood Is Waiting!

Thu Mar 26 2020 11:31:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

To save the daily wagers, small time writers, junior artists and other workers, Kollywood Industry has taken a step to build funds within the Industry and help them out.

Shankar announced Rs. 10 lakhs, Kamal Hassan announced Rs. 10 lakhs and Dhanush came up with Rs. 5 lakhs & more in donation towards FEFSI funds.

This fund will be used to arrange for the salaries, daily needs of the workers during the lockdown period and beyond for two to three months, until the storm settles.

Big producers are also being asked to donate generously and the Kollywood Industry is coming together to help each other in this dire times.

On the other hand, Tollywood industry seems to be waiting for a proposal from big actors. Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram Srinivas, Rajasekhar and few others have announced individual level contributions to state governments and their company workers, immediately affected daily wagers related to their projects with groceries.

But a long term solution is required and MAA, Chamber of Commerce, Producers Council haven't announced any measures to help the daily workers yet.

This is a very important time to show solidarity among the Industry and help everyone in need. There are few people who depend on shooting days to even eat.

Such people need immediate assistance and a long term plan to tackle the issues. While Megastar Chiranjeevi, who become the go-to person for these big decisions lately, is welcoming the measures taken by government, he did not call for a discussion on handling Film Industry daily wagers problems yet.

We cannot blame him for that, may be if he takes an initiative, many others will come forward during this time as an united front. This could end spats in MAA, as well.

Hope someone will pitch an idea to him and he gives a call on social media to the Industry bigwigs to come forward to coherently discuss the solution for the issue. This cannot be figured out in one day and we cannot expect only Megastar to do everything.

Other big families who are circumspect should come up with some solution as well. It is important for Tollywood bigwigs to show that they care about every worker, so that after the storm is settled, people will be willing to work with double enthusiasm for people who care about them.