Can Krish Weave His Magic In NTR Biopic?

Sun Dec 09 2018 16:09:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

NTR biopic is the most anticipate and talked about film in years in TFI. Baahubali movies, Sye Raa, Saaho did gather huge attention but Mahanati and NTR biopics are different level highs.

Mahanati proved that a story can be well told and the impact it left is visible. Savitri became Savitriamma, rightly so in the memory of many youngsters today.

But NTR has a very different story to her. His reputation of belonging to one community and supporting mostly his community when he got power, have gained a bad name for him.

Also, there is sympathy for him from some quarters for being backstabbed by his own family, before his death. Many political rumours and his acting in social movies have presented today's generation to joke about him and troll him more often than not.

In such situation, Balakrishna who has been becoming a joke on-screen and particularly off-screen needs NTR Kathanayakudu and NTR Mahanayakudu to work big time for his father, NTR to get the film tribute he deserves and also for him to gain positive image as an actor.

Krish the director proved earlier with Kanche, Gautamiputra Satakarni that he knows how to make sensible big movies in less budget and even lesser number of working days.

As we mentioned earlier, NTR biopic is a different ball game and his political life is a bit controversial too. And for Krish to make things worse, he did not write the script for the movie.

So, he has to depend on Balakrishna for many things. He might execute them well, but if Kathanayakudu will be all about Balakrishna imitating NTR in the name of tribute and making it a collection of all his hit songs, then people may not show interest in Mahanayakudu which is expected by TDP cadre to give them some more positive chance to trigger voters to turn their side.