Is NTR Biopic No Longer Going To Release In Two Parts?

Thu Dec 13 2018 23:41:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

NTR biopic producers got Krish on board to direct the film after they he said that it is possible to cut the full movie into two parts for Balakrishna to have his song tributes and also entire Political party scene.

The major discussion has been from few days that the movie makers are having second thoughts on that decision.

Krish while shot all the scenes and he is directing some parts right now, the team is not entirely sure about the cut for Kathanayakudu and they are going to re-visit the plan once the recent shoot is over it seems.

Movie will release for Sankranthi for sure but will it be in two parts or one long 3 hours movie discussion is still going on it seems.

Anyways, the new doubts have crept in when the makers stopped pushing the posters of NTR Kathanayakudu after the second single, Rajarshi release.

We have to wait and see, what the team will decide in few days time as they are planing a pre-release event by the 21st December.