Krishna Vamsi Surprises Everyone!!

Mon Jun 24 2019 17:41:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a day, Krishna Vamsi, the man reverred as Creative Director for his films like Gulabi, Antahpuram, Ninne Pelladutha, Murari, Khadgam and Chandamama, Rakhi managed to surprise audiences twice.

Once, when the news about his movie, Rudraksha came and second time, by asking people to not believe in any news about him.

He very quickly tweeted,

''Please do not believe anything unless I say it by myself about my self .............''

At 2 pm on Monday, 24th June, 2019, everyone got the news that the director had talks with Producer Bandla Ganesh and they agreed to take Rudraksha on sets.

The news came from authentic sources to most of the media heads and they carried out the news as it is an exciting one, hoping for the director's comeback.

But he at 4pm, on the same day, tweeted that people should believe only what he says about himself.

Well, he did not deny the news as plain rumours at the same time he did not even confirm the project. Seems like the director is circumspect or may be the talks are still incomplete as the cast isn't decided yet!