LB Sriram Faces Facklash For His Comments On Liplocks

Sun Feb 23 2020 15:22:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

LB Sriram at 40 years celebratory event of Shankarabharanam, commented that the film should be made a text book lesson for next generation writers and directors, at film institutes.

He expressed disgust against the filmmakers who are looking to objectify women and are depending on liplock scenes to sell their films.

He asked filmmakers to learn from greats like K. Vishwanath and felt that the Telugu next gen is letting down a rich heritage that the master has given us all in the form of his films.

He expressed angst against not being able to come up with another Shankarabharanam or equivalent film in 40 years as a TFI member.

These comments did not go down well with young social media audiences. They felt he was attacking few films in particular. They said he should look at his own filmography which has double meaning dialogue comedy oriented films and few B-Grade films too.

The writer-actor did try to say that K. Vishwanath should be remembered and a film institute should be constituted in Telugu States on his name. But in the process, he came down harshly on the recent trend that he felt is worrisome.

That doesn't mean he never worked in any adult comedy oriented films. All he wanted to say is, we need better content. Is that wrong?