Trailer Talk: 'LOL Salaam' Makes For An Entertaining Buddy Flick!

Sat Jun 12 2021 18:25:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Natural star Nani has unveiled the trailer of 'LOL Salaam' which is a web series which will be coming out on Zee5. Nani appreciated the team's effort and after looking at the trailer, it seems like we are in for an interesting and entertaining ride.

It is the story about a group of friends who go out on a vacation from Hyderabad but it all goes down when a friend accidentally steps on a landmine in the forest. How they come out of it makes for an intriguing and hilarious plot.

The lead actors are all newcomers and sources say that over 40 new artists have worked in this series. The series looks natural and the dialogues are quite raw. Written and directed by Naani, 'LOL Salaam' will be premiering on June 25th. The shooting began in 2020 and Ajay Arasada is the music composer while Rakesh is the cameraman. With a lot of newbies and fresh content, let us wait and see how this web series turns out.