Photo Story: Wow...What A Bikini Body?

Wed Jul 17 2019 16:44:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

The big difference between Lakshmi Rai & Raai Laxmi isn't change in name or pronunciation but the physical transformation. Recall how this Beauty used to look few years and compare the past with the would be a surprise if you're not surprised with the drastic makeover.

Lakshmi Rai used to very raw, sexy but not perfect. Ray Laxmi, on the other hand, looks absolutely perfect to flaunt her curves wearing any modern outfit. Especially, She looks best in a two-piece bikini...have a look at the above picture if you have any doubts. 'Finally I Feel like a new person !!! I love the change in me being fit is just not a physical change but changes u overall. I'm glad I started!,' she says.