Legends SPB and Ilaiyaraja Hug It Out!

Mon May 27 2019 15:21:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ilaiyaraja and SP Balasubramanyam are not just two names but they are Legends of Indian Cinema and both etched their names into the history books as well.

SPB sang the most number of songs any male singer can and Ilaiyaraja composed more songs than any music director and worked for over 1000 films.

Even though SPB made a name for himself before Ilaiyaraja started his career, they both grew together as legends as their association did not start with films.

They both used to give Kacheris together as Ilaiyaraja and Gangi Amaren, brother of raja used to be a part of orchestra of SPB.

Ilaiyaraja disregarding 40 years of friendship and SPB's contribution to his career gave notices regarding royalty issue in 2016. That grew a rift between the composer and the singer.

They finally met and talked about everything. They hugged it out and ended the silent feud that was fueled by many trying to increase the wedge between them. We as film lovers are more than happy to see them united.