Like RRR Radhe Shyam also eyeing two dates

Mon Jan 24 2022 14:34:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

The makers of RRR had previously taken many people by surprise as they announced two new tentative release dates for the film. If the pandemic situation in the country gets better and all theatres open up to operate at full capacity we are ready to release on 18th March 2022. Otherwise RRR Movie will release on 28th April 2022. The statement from the makers of RRR read. This makes it clear that RRR has locked two new release dates 18 March and 28 April. There are several reliable reports claiming that the makers of RRR are more inclined towards the 28 April release slot as it will give them more time to work on the promotional campaign.

And in the meanwhile the makers of Radhe Shyam are also contemplating two release dates for the Prabhas and Pooja Hegde starrer suggest reports. It is heard that the makers of Radhe Shyam are seeing 18 March and 25 March as the two new tentative release dates for the film. They are planning the release accordingly and one of these two dates will be finalized and an official announcement on the same will be out shortly.

In case RRR backs out from the 18 March release slot the makers of Radhe Shyam will be locking the exact same slot for the film. They have their eyes locked in on the 18 March slot and the same is expected to be finalized if things go as planned. And in the worst case scenario if RRR actually picks the 18 March slot then team Radhe Shyam will be announcing 25 Match as the release date. What is for certain is that Radhe Shyam will be releasing in theatres either on 18 March or 25th March no matter what. The ball is in RRRs court now as Radhe Shyams release plan is directly dependent on that of RRRs RRRs.

Both RRR and Radhe Shyam had wrapped up the shoot and are ready for theatrical release. The only thing that is due is the announcement of the release date and the subsequent promotional campaigns that are to follow.