Low TRPs for biggies, due to "Amazon" or content?

Fri Jan 24 2020 16:48:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amazon Prime aggressively launched their video streaming services in India by acquiring regional language biggies and Hindi films too.

Telugu and Tamil producers pounced on the opportunity to increase their profit margin and it almost killed Satellite Market for them.

Now, TV channels have stopped acquiring only Satellite rights of the films and they are asking for OTT platform rights as well.

By this, they are planning to control the damage that an OTT release can do to Satellite viewership. Ismart Shankar got 16.63 TRP as it was released on Zee5, a less popular platform than Amazon Prime.

But Maharshi got 8.93 TRPs on Star Maa and Sye Raa got 11.84 TRPs on Gemini, a very low performance for big star film TV premieres.

It looks like the audiences are not showing much interest to watch the film on TVs these days, as most of them are available on streaming platforms. But Gaddalakonda Ganesh managed to get more 13 TRPs during same season as Sye Raa premiered.

And during the same Sankranthi season, Mahesh Babu's Sarileru Neekevvaru collected more than 2 Million USD and Allu Arjun's Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo went past 3 Million USD, where Amazon and Netflix affect is high in 2019.

So, the question arises, are people not interested in watching films on TV's due to their presentation with frequent ad breaks  or are they not interested to watch the biggies that became hits but got average talk during theatrical run post their Home video release?

We don't know the numbers these films are putting up on OTT platforms to clearly declare that it is due to them, that people are not showing interest to watch films on TV. And it would also be premature to assume people are disinterested in watching TV, as serials, weekly shows and films are still getting good TRPs.

We may not be able to deny the affects of OTT platforms on TV premieres but are they only reason for low TRPs, that is debatable!