MAA Elections: Jeevitha's misleading comments on Jr NTR

Thu Oct 07 2021 18:55:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The MAA elections saga is replicating a drama one would usually seen in a Bigg Boss house. The presidential election contestants Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj are indulging in a heated verbal exchange and thus drawing server flak from Tollywood bigwigs and common audience alike. The unnecessarily harsh verbal brawls between the contestants are giving an implication of the sad state of affairs pertaining to the MAA elections and everyone is displeased with the same. Recently, Jeevitha Rajasekhar who is contesting for the general secretary position and is an integral part of Prakash Raj's panel revealed that top star Jr NTR is displeased with the proceedings related to MAA elections.

"I met with Jr NTR very recently and we spoke at length about the ongoing MAA elections saga. He was visibly displeased with the way things are shaping up. He told me things are getting heated up unnecessarily and the verbal brawls between the contestants can be avoided. I sided with him and mentioned that I too am not pleased with the way things are happening and expressed my discontentment. Tarak said he would not come out to vote in the MAA elections as he is vexed with the way the elections campaign is being carried out," Jeevitha said.

Now, Jeevitha has clarified that her comments on Jr NTR are indeed misleading. "Jr NTR spoke about the MAA elections with me in a casual manner. Maybe I should have refrained from openly speaking about his comments. I feel his comments were taken out of context and the same could have been avoided. I am aware of the fact that my recent comments are misleading to an extent and I would like to apologize to Jr NTR about the same. I should not have spoken about his approach towards MAA elections," she clarified.

Well, it appears to be that the comments made by Jr NTR were on a light hearted note and the fact that Jeevitha mentioned the same in a press meet exaggerated things to a great extent. Now that Jeevitha herself has clarified on the same adds to the above statement. It is known that MAA elections are set to be held on the 10th of this month.