MAA Elections: What went wrong for Prakash Raj?

Mon Oct 11 2021 08:26:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prakash Raj started as the strong favourite for the MAA presidential elections, but he ended up losing the elections by a huge margin. Manchu Vishnu who was touted to be an underdog triumphed in the elections in the most emphatic way possible. But the big question is, what went so horribly wrong for Prakash Raj? Industry insiders say the non-local tag most certainly worked against him. Ravi Babu's video message, in which he said Tollywood is always after other language actors, cinematographers, and other technicians. Now, is it really necessary that we pick other language person for the MAA elections as well? This message struck a chord with all sections of MAA members and it played a crucial role in Vishnu's victory.

Also, it is heard that YS Jagan loyalists in the Telugu film industry worked tirelessly for Vishnu's victory. Jagan's brand value apparently helped Vishnu big time. As much as Vishnu downplayed the obvious political factor, it was prevalent and eventually helped him sweep the polls. Prakash Raj had the backing of the 'Mega' camp but it just wasn't enough to catapult him to a victory in the MAA elections.

Nagababu's aggressive speeches and his recent comments, speaking ill of a senior actor like Kota Srinivasa Rao for asking MAA members to vote for Vishnu did not go well with MAA members and industry insiders either. Many took offense to Nagababu's comments. His approach did more bad than good for Prakash Raj. Everyone felt Prakash had secretly asked Nagababu to speak ill of his opponents and they found fault with the same. Consequently, Prakash Raj had to pay the price for Nagababu's unnecessary involvement.

Vishnu worked round the clock and lobbied extensively with his close contacts in the industry and persuaded them to pick him. He was more accessible to MAA members and personally met with many of them and assured all possible support to them. All this worked in his favour.

Well, more importantly, the ugly MAA elections saga has finally come to an end and everyone is happy that the slugfest has finally drawn to a close.