Maharshi Lengthy Run Time! Is That True?

Fri Apr 26 2019 12:19:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

If the reports coming from the Film Circles are to be believed, 'Maharshi' will have a run time of close to 3 hours. First Copy is anywhere around 170 minutes to be precise.

Inspite of the lengthy run time, Dil Raju & his Team are so confident of the Box Office result. Preparations are currently going on for the Trailer Launch. Arrangements have been done for screening the trailer in all the theaters in Telugu States from May 2nd.

Pre-Release Event will be on May 1st in Hyderabad. Mahesh Babu will be kickstarting the promotional campaign from the next day itself. He is going to promote his landmark flick aggressively for a week.

Generally, People have the perception that lengthly Run Time results in lag and boredom. Every movie with a long run time mayn't necessarily be unappealing. Films with a run time of 3 hours or more had become blockbusters in the past. So, Run Time can't decide the fate of a movie. Ultimately, Content matters the most to keep viewers hooked to the screens.