Maharshi Overseas: How Much Is The Loss?

Mon May 27 2019 10:40:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the premieres, 'Maharshi' underperformed in Overseas where Mahesh Babu enjoys a solid fan base. This biggie had collected only around $1.85 million so far and mostly won't make it to the $2 million club by the end of full run.

'Maharshi' Collections have been good in the domestic market. For some reasons, Movie Buffs in the USA showed disinterest on this Mahesh-starrer with a social message.

Prior to the release, Producer Dil Raju and USA Distributor agreed to share profit or loss equally. In this territory, The loss is estimated to be around Rs 2 crore. Which means, Dil Raju will have to bear the loss of Rs 1 crore. The profit in Nizam territory is going to compensate it.

Full Run of 'Maharshi' will almost come to an nd by May 30th. Too many films (Lakshmi's NTR, NGK, Falaknuma Das, Suvarna Sundari, Abhinetry 2) are gearing up for release on May 31st for occupying majority of the theatres.