Mahesh Fans Not At All Happy With Puri's Silence!

Thu Aug 11 2022 16:49:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Pokiri' is not just a film. It is an emotion for every superstar Mahesh Babu fan. This film which came out in 2006 was a sensational hit. It broke every existing record at that time and made Mahesh Babu into a superstar. Everyone was mouthing 'Pokiri' dialogues and every youngster tried to copy Mahesh's style. Every character, every scene, every dialogue and every song are still relevant.

On the occasion of Mahesh's birthday, fans of the superstar arranged special shows of 'Pokiri' across the Telugu states. Over 400 shows were organized and hungama made by the fans was evident all over social media. It showcased the love everyone had for this film. While it is all good, fans are not at all happy with Puri Jagannadh staying completely silent.

When they organized special shows for 'Okkadu', Gunasekhar watched it at Imax and cut the cake as a part of the celebrations. But Puri Jagannadh did not utter a single word about the re-release and it upset Mahesh fans a lot. As we know, a few differences cropped up between Mahesh and Puri in recent times. But disowning the film is something that the fans are not able to digest.

What Mahesh's fans are ignoring is that their hero never made a single tweet about the re-release of 'Pokiri' too. On top of that, Puri's son Akash watched the film along with fans. Also, Puri Jagannadh is busily promoting his maiden pan-Indian film 'Liger (Saala Crossbreed) which is releasing on 25th August. He is looking after the final product as well as taking part in promotions. 'Liger' is immediate release and he needs to give complete attention to it rather than a blockbuster he gave 16 years ago. This is what many experts are saying.