We Are Not Marrying, says Malaika Arora

Tue Apr 16 2019 19:16:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Bollywood film industry is currently gossiping about the relationship between Arjun Kapoor and the hot beauty Malaika Arora. More than their relationship, the age gap of 6 years and Malaika entering into a new relationship after divorcing with Arbaaz Khan have become the discussion.

On the other side, the Bollywood media constantly reported about their wedding. The recent rumours revealed that their wedding is going to take place on 19th of this month in Goa. The media also reported that the couple also threw a Bachelors party to the friends.

Both Arjun and Malaika did not talk about it but recently, Malaika opened up to these rumours by condemning them. She rubbed them off saying that they are silly rumours. Though Malaika is condemning this now, their public appearances have given enough fuel to these rumours all these days.

With the latest statement from Malika Arora, the audiences are left confused if Malaika is ready for marriage or she is just trying to fool the media and people. Let the time answer everything.