Manchu Manoj 2.0 'Niladeesifies' A Netizen!

Sun Feb 10 2019 19:16:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Manchu family have become the most trolled actors in the TFI. Their films, their speeches, their songs and now even their interviews are getting trolled on social media.  

But they started enjoying the attention and take it all in their stride. They don't react to trolls in a negative way, these days.

Manchu Manoj has decided to become politically active and question leaders and others about the problems faced by citizens.

He asked PM Narendra Modi on social media, if he is see the problems of Telugu people?

He tweeted,

"Sir ji is this for campaigning or are you coming to see our Telugu People problems ?! Hoping the second one  ...  #APSpecialStatus #ApDemandsSpecialStatus"

To this, a person, Reddy replied like this,

"You casteist idiot should first question @ncbn about how he spent 5 lakh crores given by central govt. no guts!"

Even though the person abused, he replied,

 "Peru chivarra caste nuvu pettukunava ledha nenu pettukunnana ?! Mari ‘casteist idiot’ yevaru anna ?!  ...   I’m Niladisifying you ... cool brother :) Have a Nice day :) love u (Who prefixed their name with their caste, you or me? So, who becomes casteist idiot?) "

With this cool reply, we can say that Manoj has unleashed his 2.0 version which shows that he changed from his old angry self to a cool, composed and calm person.