Manoj Calls Jagan Youngest CM And Gets Corrected

Sun Dec 22 2019 13:14:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

On Twitter, BJP supporters have been Bollywood people highly irresponsible and dumb for the kind of words, they used to describe the unrest in the country.

The common conclusion that the twitter user have collectively formed over few days is that film personalities are uninformed and dumb.

Even an active person like Hero Manoj Manchu, also seems to have been corrected in the same sense. He called YS Jagan bava for the first time on social platform and wished him on his birthday.

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan, is the youngest in the post for the Telugu states ever and he is also the current youngest CM in India. Stating these two in one tweet, Manoj tweeted,

"Birthday Wishes to the youngest CM in India, my beloved bava @ysjagan
Have a happy and prosperous life CM garu"

A twitter user corrected him by saying,

"Correction bro..he's not an youngest CM... It's akhilesh yadav at the age of 38"

The actor just laughed and accepted it. But some tried to clarify that Jagan is current youngest CM in India and that is what he tried to say in his tweet.