Manchu Vishnu: I love you Prakash Raj uncle

Mon Oct 11 2021 17:09:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

The MAA elections saga has finally come to an end. Manchu Vishnu emerged victorious in the MAA presidential election race as he beat Prakash Raj by a margin of over 400 votes. Following the defeat, Prakash Raj tendered his resignation from MAA effective immediately. "MAA members are seeing me as a non-local guy. They defeated me because I am not a Telugu man. If they feel so, then there is no point in me continuing with MAA. I would like to submit my resignation from MAA effective immediately," Prakash Raj stated as he resigned from MAA primary membership. Soon after, Prakash Raj sent a WhatsApp message to Manchu Vishnu, wishing the latter the very best and also asked the Manchu hero to accept his resignation.

Prakash Raj's message to Vishnu read " Dear Vishnu
Congratulations on your stupendous victory.. may
you be blessed with all the powers to steer MAA..
all the best. I have decided to resign from the membership of MAA. Please accept my decision.. will surely support as a non member of you need me
Thank you

Vishnu replied to Prakash Raj's text message saying "Dear uncle, Thank you. I am not happy with your decision. You are much elder to me and you know that success and failure are two sides of the same coin and we have to treat these two imposters the same. I request you not to be emotional. You are an integral part of our family. I need your ideas and we need to work together. I request you not to reply back to me now, I will meet you soon and we will discuss. I love you uncle and please don't be hasty."

This WhatsApp conversation between Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj is catching the attention of the netizens. The positive tone that is being maintained by the duo is there to be seen in this case. Now, it remains to be seen if Prakash Raj will listen to Manchu Vishnu's suggestions and take back his resignation and continue as MAA member in the future. This comes hours after Nagababu resigned from the MAA membership.