Manchu Vishnu Takes Over Maa Chief Post From Naresh

Wed Oct 13 2021 13:24:47 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Manchu scion Vishnu who emerged victorious in the recently held Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections took over the President post on Wednesday. Though he took over the office, there is no clarity on when the oath-taking ceremony of Manchu Vishnu’s panel members will be held.

Manchu Vishnu took charge as the MAA chief post on his first day at the office. On top of his shirt, Manchu Vishnu wore a shawl. After taking charge, Manchu Vishnu signed on the pension file for the MAA members.

“I have today assumed the office of the President of MAA! Need all your wishes and send me positivity as much as you can. #MAA," Manchu Vishnu tweeted, sharing the pictures of him in the MAA office.

Now all eyes are on Manchu Vishnu to know how he will deal with the resignations of Prakash Raj panel members. The other day, Prakash Raj announced that his panel members will resign from their respective posts.

Manchu Vishnu took over the power from senior character artist Naresh who was the chief of MAA before the election episode. He is expected to make big changes in the MAA association as per the promises he made before the electrons.

The 2021 elections to elect the MAA chief went through a lot of twists and turns over the past few months. Despite a lot of people announcing their candidacy for the chief post, only two panels, Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu contested the polls and Vishnu won the poll.

Prakash Raj panel backed by the Mega camp gave their best in the election episode. However, things worked out well for Manchu Vishnu and his panel claimed the upper hand in the election. He had won as the MAA President and the majority of his panel members emerged victoriously.

Vishnu's opponent Prakash Raj in the election spoke to the media after the election result. He said that he is resigning from the MAA association and cited the reason for being called an outsider. No matter how hard I had tried, Telugu Bidda had won the elections, he said. A day after this, his panel members also announced the massive resignations.