Mani Sharma Too Directs Blame On Koratala Siva!

Tue Nov 29 2022 12:27:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There are some disasters that no one can forget. 'Acharya' is one such film that is still giving constant nightmares to Mega fans. This movie ended up as one of the biggest disasters in Chiranjeevi's career and Ram Charan even said that no one care about his next movie after 'RRR' as it had very weak content. This video went viral and it explains the situation perfectly.

When Chiru said that he did what the director asked him to do, people criticized him for entirely blaming Koratala Siva. But it looks like Mani Sharma decided to do the same thing. The veteran composer received a lot of criticism for his music and background score for the movie. Many wondered whether it was Mani Sharma who gave the music or someone else. Comedian Ali asked the same question on his talk show recently and Mani Sharma said that he gave 2-3 hit songs for the movie which no one remembers now.

He asked why he would give bad output for Megastar's film on purpose especially when he gave many super hit albums and BGM's in the past. He said that he initially gave another background score for the film but Koratala asked for another version which forced him to change the music entirely. Mani Sharma too directly blamed Koratala Siva for the failure of 'Acharya'.

We cannot rule this out since it is Mani Sharma who revealed it. Mani Sharma gave some evergreen songs and thumping background scores for Chiranjeevi's films like 'Indra', 'Tagore', 'Mrugaraju', 'Baavagaaru Baagunnara', 'Choodalani Vundi', 'Jai Chiranjeeva', 'Stalin' and many others. 'Acharya' was a big disappointment in their combination and Mani Sharma who usually maintains a low profile has decided to talk about this on a public platform.