Maruthi Manchi Rojulu Vacchayi available on AHA

Fri Dec 03 2021 15:57:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

AHA OTT platform is the first exclusive Telugu Over The Top video hosting service and the platform has been putting all its efforts to attract new subscribers and keep intact the existing ones.

In a deadly competitive space of OTT platforms, the service has been able to hold their head up and give tough competition to giants like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix.

New Telugu films have been releasing on AHA almost bi weekly every month. December kick started with the release of director Maruthi's Manchi Rojulu Vacchayi film.

Movie is all about a father's unmatchable love towards his girl child. Ajay Ghosh did his best in a career defining role and the comedy scenes between him and hero Santhosh Sobhan earned good reviews.

Mehreen Prizada Kaur looked her best in the film and she performed well too. Movie is available as we speak and if you would love to spend your free time with your family, enjoying a fun ride, do watch this film.