Mem Famous! Earns U/A Certificate for Unmissable Entertainment

Mon May 22 2023 12:31:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Lahari Films and Chai Bisket Films have joined hands once again for the delightful village entertainer, Mem Famous! Directed by Sumanth Prabhas, who also stars in the lead role, the film features an ensemble cast including Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, Saarya, and Siri Raasi.

Anurag Reddy, Sharath, and Chandru Manoharan have produced this highly anticipated project. With a positive buzz surrounding the film, Mem Famous! has successfully completed its censor formalities and obtained a U/A certificate.

The runtime of the movie, including the title credits and commercials, has been locked at 2 hours 29 minutes 59 seconds. While the promotions hinted at a youthful and hilarious entertainer, the film promises to strike a chord with family audiences, thanks to its well-balanced blend of humor and heartfelt emotions.

Director Sumanth Prabhas, in his debut venture, showcases great efficiency in handling the subject, as evident from the captivating promos. The film's visual appeal is enhanced by Shyam Dupati's cinematography, while Kalyan Nayak's music adds further charm to the narrative.

Takes you on a memorable journey through Bandanarsampally. Mark your calendars for May 26th when the film hits theaters and immerses you in its enchanting world.