Mem Famous Is The Story Of Youth In Telangana Villages!

Tue May 23 2023 17:43:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Sumanth Prabhas is making his debut as a Hero, Writer, and Director with Mem Famous bankrolled by Chai Bisket and Lahari Films. The makers have already given a super hit like Writer Padmabhushan earlier this year and there is a good buzz around this film due to some interesting promotions and the trailer.

Speaking about the film, Sumanth Prabhas said, "Anurag and Sharath approached me after watching Pilla Pillagadu webseries which I made in college with my friends. They said that we will give what a movie needs if I come with a good story. I wrote the story. Don't even know how to tell a story. I explained everything for about six hours. Anurag and Sarath liked it very much. First, I signed as a writer and director. But we did a lot of auditions for the role I played in it. But no one got it right. I joined it as an actor ten days before going to the shoot".

He also revealed how they had a trial shoot using a Phone in the office. "We are all new and have no prior experience but there is no confusion for us. I shot the film on the phone in the office. When I put it all on the timeline, I got a clarity as to how it was going to come. We are full of confidence when we went to the sets," he said.

The youngman says Mem Famous is the story of youth in the villages. "There are many stories of the Youth. I picked one about three young men. This is the story of guys who have the idea of becoming famous in the village in everything they do. Accordingly, we named it Mem Famous. We did it with almost new actors. Everyone performed brilliantly," he told.