Mohan Babu: I will kill you Banerjee

Sun Oct 10 2021 14:45:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The MAA elections are being held today and the polling is almost completed. As expected, the premises where the MAA elections are being held replicated a battleground. The contestants and MAA members were seen indulging in heated verbal exchanges.

Incidentally, Manchu Mohan Babu who visited the premises to stand in support of his son Manchu Vishnu got into a verbal brawl with Prakash Raj's panel members.

Following a heated verbal exchange, Mohan Babu started shouting "I will kill you, Banerjee. What do you think of yourself?" Mohan Babu shouted.

Prior to the brawl, Mohan Babu formally met with the MAA elections officer. This angered Prakash Raj's panel members and they started screaming at Mohan Babu. To which, the senior actor reacted vigorously and even threatened to kill one of Prakash Raj's panel members, Banerjee.

Mohan Babu was later shifted to other location by those around him in order to calm him down. The verbal exchange came as a big shock to the onlookers.