Mohan Babu's certificate to Dynamite

Wed Sep 02 2015 10:41:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

From a long time hero Manchu Vishnu is waiting for right commercial hit to happen. But unfortunately he's not scoring big blockbusters though some of his films have did well at box office. This time he's coming up with "Dynamite" under Deva Katta's direction and here's what the Manchu scion Mohan Babu has to say about the film.

Mohan Babu's statement on Dynamite:

"Dynamite is going to be a out & out entertainer. Kudos to Deva Katta and fight master Vijayan. This proves again that the script is king. Quite happy that we have really advanced in the quality of film making. The film has really impressed me with the stylish action drama. This current lot of Film Makers are putting the map of Telugu Films not only in India but slowly on the world of cinema. Proud time for us. Dynamite will be a treat to film Lovers. JD Chakri has done a very good job. So had the beautiful Pranitha Subhash. Sure Dynamite will be a feather in the cap for Vishnu. Will surely impress all of you with his performance", said Mohan Babu, as next Friday will see the film's release.