NTR Fans Winning Hearts For Generous Gesture

Mon Aug 03 2020 18:00:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

During these tragic days, several celebrities have come up to take the responsibility of needy. Needless to say, Sonu Sood is at the top for reaching the needy and helping them according to their problems. Not just actors, the fans associations have also taking part in such programs lately.

Due to financial problems and other unknown issues caused by pandemic, a NTR fan named Bhargavi from Anantapur has killed herself by committing suicide. She is survived by two younger sisters and one younger brother, while their parents happen to be very poor. Moved by the plight of the family, NTR Fans Trust came front and sponsored for the education of the three siblings of Bhargavi.

If reports are to be believed true, they have created a joint account for all the three children to which money will be donated very soon. Also, they are helping Bhargavi's father in finding a job, so that he can lead his family. This act of NTR fans is winning hearts from all corners.