NTR Indirectly Touches Upon US Accent Trolls?

Wed Jan 18 2023 13:53:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young Tiger NTR is a man of many talents. The talented hero proved that many times. We got to know about his multi-language skills when he promoted the magnum opus RRR with the captain of the ship Rajamouli and Ram Charan Tej. He spoke to the media in Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil fluently.

The Nandamuri scion stunned everyone with his US accent. When team RRR graced the red carpet of the Golden Globe award recently, NTR spoke to the media in a US accent on RRR's success and his dream role in the marvel cinematic universe.

After the interview clip went viral NTR became a target of trolls on his accent. Many said that his accent was not good and it sounded like a fake accent. His fans backed him and said that he spoke in the accent so that the media there could understand what he was saying.

When a lot is going on NTR's comments raised doubt on whether he addressed the trolls indirectly. He said that actors are divided by time zones and accents and the thought process of actors from the west is the same in the east.

"We are just divided by time zones and a little bit of an accent. Other than that, what an actor goes through in the West is exactly the same process as in the East," NTR said. Many are saying that NTR addressed the issue indirectly.

Indians can speak English well. But the accent we speak might not be understandable for people in the west. The way we pronounce words is different from that of theirs. NTR might have spoken in their accent to feel connected. Even RRR co-star Ram Charan Tej also spoke in the same accent.

As a very rare sight, RRR was loved by western audiences and technicians after Netflix streamed the magnum opus. To thank the west NTR and Ram Charan might have also used the accent. But people are not understanding this and are trolling NTR unnecessarily. The RRR star might have addressed the trolls indirectly.

RRR is directed by SS Rajamouli and stars Jr NTR and Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Tej as celebrated revolutionaries Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju respectively. The film became one of the highest-earning films in India. RRR won the Golden Globe Award for Naatu Naatu recently.