Photo Story: NTR Looks Very Lean!

Fri Feb 28 2020 21:27:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jr. NTR did reduce to super lean and trim personality from overweight body during Yamadonga and Kantri films. In Kantri, he looks leanest of all his looks.

He maintained a casual and balanced look after that but for RRR, he seems to have gone back to the lean shape again.  

His face looks like all the chubbiness has been vanquished without a trace. He still has his charm intact but as Komaram Bheem, he seems to have gone to drastical lengths to achieve perfection.

In Sherwani, we can make-out some lean muscle and actor's dedication to achieve such a look for one film, is commendable after being a star in Telugu Cinema for 2 decades.

Jr. NTR took this photo with his latest TVC director and the director, himself shared it. Jakanna, famously known as director Rajamouli, seems to have carved a palpable entertainer again as he could motivate his actors, to go this far.