Watch: iSmart Girl Nabha Natesh Audition!

Thu Aug 08 2019 11:31:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nabha Natesh received good appreciation for her role as the Telangana Girl in 'iSmart Shankar'. Dialogue Delivery and Body Language of her made people wonder if she was born and brought up in Telangana. It's tough to imagine any other Heroine in that role, such is the perfection she maintained.

The chemistry between Ram Pothineni and Nabha Natesh in 'iSmart Shankar' is magical. Apart from Ram's Performance, This is one aspect which made Movie Buffs talk about this movie.

Audition Video of Nabha Natesh for 'iSmart Shankar' is now doing rounds on social media. She did perform with utmost ease and that tomboy attitude is pleasing to watch. Nabha Natesh drew the attention of a lot of Filmmakers with her mass character. She could be seen in many Telugu Films in the next couple of years.