Nabha Natesh Ups The Game Before Ismart Shankar Release!

Sun Jul 14 2019 15:10:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have seen actresses highly promoting their films recently with photoshoots as well. Yes, even though it sounds slightly off, the actresses, photoshoots get more attention that it is easy to ask them for a photoshoot than spend more on another interview which may or may not go viral.

A glamour photoshoot is better than ten interviews these days, as the youth is more on social media than on other platforms.

At least, in between their regular activities, they can go through the feed of an actress or read an update in a website about that for 5-10 minutes and then carry on with work.

As the new heroines enter every day, new dose of glamour is unveiled everyday too. Nabha Natesh, while being modern and tomboyish, she even rocked the common Telugu ishtyle.

Her new film, Ismart Shankar is releasing on 18th July and she is highly excited about the film as Puri Jagannath's film if gets accepted during this time, she will get many more offers than normal!