Naga Babu Mocks Fans - Gummadi Kayala Donga!

Wed Jan 09 2019 20:32:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Naga Babu seems to be in no mood to stop attacking Balakrishna inspite of the war between Mega and Nandamuri Fans over the ongoing controversy.

In the latest Facebook post, Naga Babu pointed out the debates held by News Channels inviting Film Personalities when he asked 'Who is Balakrishna?'. And then, He questioned why didn't these Media Houses conducted debates when Balakrishna made unacceptable comments on Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

Mega Brother clarified the poem he shared on his Facebook page few days ago wasn't intended at NTR Biopic. He questioned why Nandamuri Fans were so bothered about it & used the adage,'Gummadi Kayala Donga Ante Bhujalu Thadumukuntunnaru' to mock them. He reminded haters that there were other biopics as well citing Mahanati and Yatra as an example.

Naga Babu assured he would put an end to the whole controversy after responding on the sixth comment made by Balakrishna. What sensation it gonna create?.